The Beach Bateria Samba Band And Dancers were formed back in 1999 to play as a carnival band for Beach Dreams, an annual summer festival on Shoreham Beach, West Sussex.
Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, learning new skills in the playing of a variety of instruments, dance routines and costume making.

There are currently 25 band members.

We are a community band open to anyone. Our aim is have fun, to play to fantastic music and to share this with as many others as we can.

Beach Bateria operates under a formal constitution and is run by a small committee appointed annually at AGM. We play rent to use the church hall to practice on Wednesday nights.



Weekly subs are £4.00 and £2.00 for under 18’s. We always take personal circumstances into account though so don’t be afraid to say if you can afford it, we’d sooner have you in the band.

Our public liability insurance covers us for 15 live gigs a year. These include a mix of paid and charity performances. Some are very small, but others are huge. Pride for example attracts over 100,000!

It’s up to the mestre as to when new members are ready to play live, but we encourage everyone to come to gigs regardless. There are always important things to do like water carrying or rabble rousing!

Band Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings between 7.45 and 9.30. We tend to break with the school holidays. The band practices in the church hall.